About BDAC


At BDAC we recognize how difficult it is for foreign companies to buy and receive a good standard of customer service in China. The difficulties are many fold; involving everything from lack of contact and information to language, delivery times and quality issues. Buying products from many different manufacturing plants can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Trying to get everything finished on time and delivered to one place so it can all be packed is pretty much impossible; especially if you do not live in the country or have anyone to help.

Thus, we have built our business from the ground up with a clear focus on understanding client's needs by developing and offering a value added service, offering high quality products with good lead times to market ensures we remain competitive and keep our customers happy.

We have trained QCs that do not work for the factories to oversee all production issues. Following documented checklists set out by management they are able to stop production immediately they find a problem, solve the issue and return to production with a minimal amount of disruption to the order.

Through this method we can provide client assistance throughout every step of their China operations, from pre-inception research and advice, through to development and delivery.

BDAC is on Alibaba. Alibaba.com makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through a global trade platform for importers and exporters. Please go to our products section to direct access