About BDAC


BDAC works very diligently to provide a complete professional product and service to all our clients. In order for us to fulfill this goal we realize that teamwork and communication are the most important components. Our staff is like a family who all work together for the common good.

BDAC strives to always improve our service to the customer at all times; we can do this by evaluating regularly the performance of our staff in their areas of work. We hold regular team meetings where we brainstorm to obtain new ideas which will help our company and staff improve together as one.

We currently operate through our head office in Beijing, where we have our sourcing, research & development, production, sales, marketing, finance and human resources departments with our quality control office, located in Guangdong in the heart of the manufacturing district of South China, where we focus all our attention on quality and time frames for delivery. Our offices and departments are manned by a combination of internationally educated, senior personnel from China, France and the United Kingdom; with locally recruited staff having diverse and professional skills in their own areas.

The management team consists of highly professional people with many years of experience in business and production, who oversee all parts of the company to ensure we get it right the first time.

BDAC is on Alibaba. Alibaba.com makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through a global trade platform for importers and exporters. Please go to our products section to direct access